Hell’s Paradise Anime

Hell’s Paradise Anime

Jigokuraku anime: Hell’s Paradise anime ( Jigokuraku) “hell’s paradise jigokuraku anime” is a Japanese anime series based on Yuji Kaku’s Jigokuraku manga series. Makita Kaori of studio MAPPA directed the animation.

hell's paradise anime trailer

Gabimaru ( hell’s paradise main character ), a heartless shinobi assassin known as Gabimaru the Hollow, serves his village, Iwagakure, during the Edo era by killing the targets he has been assigned to without remorse. Gabimaru was awarded with marriage to the chief’s daughter after proving his usefulness to his village leader. Gabimaru developed affections for his wife as he spent time with her.

The village head realized this after Gabimaru requested that he give up his life of crime and be allowed to live a regular life with her. Gabimaru is given one more job by the village head before being offered an answer, which he accepts.

Gabimaru, on the other hand, was betrayed by the community after they abandoned him to be captured and put to death.

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Hell’s Paradise Anime Staff

DirectionMakita Kaori
Character DesignHisaki Kouji
Series CompositionKindaichi Akira
MusicDewa Yoshiaki
PlanningTwin Engine
Animation WorkMAPPA

jigokuraku anime trailer

Hell’s Paradise anime trailer



Is hell's paradise good Manga

Yes hell's paradise manga's very good. Hell's paradise manga volumes art and story are really well done.

Hell's paradise how many volumes

Hell's paradise all volumes: 13

Hell's paradise how many chapters

Hell's paradise chapters: 128

Does hell's paradise have an anime

Yes, hell's paradise has an anime, watch the trailer here on hellsparadise.net

Has hell's paradise ended

Yes, manga hell's paradise is finished, enjoy reading all chapters here

Hell's paradise last volume

Hell's paradise last volume is 13, you can read all hell's paradise manga volumes here on hellsparadise.net