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Hell’s Paradise AuthorYuji Kaku
Alternate NameJigokuraku Manga
hell’s paradise Japanese name地獄楽
hell’s paradise Volumes13
hell’s paradise Chapters128
hell’s paradise GenreAction
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Hell’s Paradise Manga Description

hell’s paradise jigokuraku manga (Hell’s Paradise Manga) is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Yuji Kaku.

abimaru the Hollow, a cold and emotionless ninja from Iwagakure Village, was set up by his fellow ninja and is now on death row. He wants to die because he is tired of murdering and deception. No manner of execution, however, works on him because, as disinterested as Gabimaru may appear to be, he does have a reason to live. He wants to reconcile with his wife, who was the reason for his softening and failure as an assassin. As a result, he refuses to die in exchange for the Shogunate’s full amnesty.

This island, though, isn’t just any island: it’s thought to be Paradise. The island, however, is full of mysteries, and the exploring team—which includes people who have been slated for death—might not be fully prepared to deal with them.

Hell’s Paradise Main Character

GabimaruGabimaru, hell’s paradise main character, also known as Tsuki, is a former Iwagakure shinobi assassin and the final possessor of the iconic alias Gabimaru the Hollow ( Garan no Gabimaru). He is also the husband of Yui, the Iwagakure chief’s seventh daughter.
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Hell’s Paradise Characters

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Characters: (characters from hell’s paradise fandom)

Jigokuraku Characters: Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, Yuzuriha, Mei, Hōko, Aza Chōbei, Mei, Hōko, Aza Chōbei, Aza Tōma, Tamiya Gantetsusai, Yamada Asaemon Fuchi, Shion, Nurugai, Rien, Zhu Jin, Tao Fa, Ju Fa,Mu Dan, Ran, Gui Fa, Yamada Asaemon Shugen, Yamada Asaemon Jikka, Yamada Asaemon Isuzu, Yamada Asaemon Kiyomaru, Shija, Yui

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Is hell's paradise good Manga

Yes hell's paradise manga's very good. Hell's paradise manga volumes art and story are really well done.

Hell's paradise how many volumes

Hell's paradise all volumes: 13

Hell's paradise how many chapters

Hell's paradise chapters: 128

Does hell's paradise have an anime

Yes, hell's paradise has an anime, watch the trailer here on hellsparadise.net

Has hell's paradise ended

Yes, manga hell's paradise is finished, enjoy reading all chapters here

Hell's paradise last volume

Hell's paradise last volume is 13, you can read all hell's paradise manga volumes here on hellsparadise.net